Sunday, June 03, 2007

Volume 2 Edition 4.....

"This has been a very sobering week. A prolific and very much admired blogger, Flea, was unmasked in a very public way during his malpractice trial. There is a lot of talk going around on the medical and law blogs about this, most people agree that blogging about an ongoing trial is not a great idea no matter how anonymous you think you are. To me the saddest part of the whole thing is that there are two grieving parents who have a dead son and there is a Dr. Robert Lindeman who could possibly loose his practice because he made a mistake (a definite blogging mistake and a possible medical mistake). It just does not seem fair to me that the lawyers are the only winners in this whole thing, they get to collect their paychecks and go on with life as usual.

The loss of Flea is a huge loss to the medical blogging community. He wrote out many evidence based posts on things that were being widely discussed about children's health. His series of posts on vaccinations are treasures that may never be replaced. His looks at alternative therapies and possible causes for Autism were also reoccurring themes in his blog. I especially loved how tried to empower parents by teaching them to take care of simple illnesses at home, keeping sick kids out of the doctor's office. I will never look at Neosporin the same way again.

Flea, you are gone and very much missed. Dr. Lindeman, I hope that you and your family are able to recover from this and hope that some day, some how we will be able to hear more from you.

Now on to Pediatric Grand Rounds!"

This edition can be found at Adventures of an Awesome (Sometimes) Mother and was published on June 3, 2007.


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