Monday, May 07, 2007

Volume 2 Edition 2.....

"Welcome to the second year of the blog world's Pediatric Grand Rounds! It must be said that the number of submissions was dismayingly small, and were it not for the heroic efforts of Shinga, despite a nasty bout of food poisoning, this edition of PGR would be piteous and paltry. That said, I hope everyone remembers to post links when PGR appears, and to direct your readers to the next host, Ami Chopine, hosting on May 20. The PGR hosting schedule can be found here.

As spring finally makes a return, the blog world in my small corner of the internet has been less than joyous. The lilacs may open with their lush fragrance, the hyacinth may reach yellow branches skyward, the tulips may bend gracefully at the end of their long stems, but still many of us resist nature's call to celebrate. The news has been rough and bitter, full of bombings and unanswered cell phones.

In spring, the weight of sorrow seems particularly unfair."

This post can be found at The Wait and the Wonder and was published on May 6th, 2007.


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