Monday, May 07, 2007

Volume 2 Edition 1.....

"On April 23, 2006, the first edition of the Pediatric Grand Rounds was published. And for the past 52 weeks, with a few notable exceptions, 25 subsequent editions have been posted every other Sunday. After a slow start, with just a handful of submissions, the PGR has grown considerably though it still pales in comparison to the behemoth that the original Grand Rounds has become since its inception. That is probably not a bad thing however. Many people have chosen to forgo reading Grand Rounds because of its size.

Putting together the past 12 months worth of PGR editions were 16 different bloggers with a variety of backgrounds. Some of them were pediatricians of both the general and specialist kind, nurses that have experience with young patients, or others who provide health care for children in less traditional, but no less important, ways. Some were involved in research with potential pediatric implications and some were parents of chronically ill children. Each approached their turn to host an edition in a unique way.

I've spent the past week returning to these prior editions, reading the posts, and choosing what I think were the cream of the crop. Yes I admit this was a quite subjective process with results no more meaningful than any other personal list of favorites. I tried to approach without any bias from my background as a pediatrician and I think I have compiled a pretty decent group of submissions. Please don't be hurt if you weren't included and feel free to add your own favorites in the comment section."

This post can be found at Unintelligent Design and was published on April 23rd, 2007.


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