Monday, August 28, 2006

Volume 1 Edition 10.....

"I couldn't tell you why for sure, when I was a youngster, though, my brother and I (especially during the time mother was gestating child number three) were rather dramatic. Were we trying to get (more) attention? Probably, yes.

One of the things we did often (besides put on skits about historical figures like George Washington and do commercials with household products for our parents) was to compile "fun fact to know and tell." Now, remember folks, this was prior to the Internet. This meant reading books and using paper and pencil.

Nowadays, it is so much easier. You post on your blog that you are hosting Pediatric Grand Rounds and people just send you fun facts to know and tell...! And so, in a tribute to my childhood (and perhaps yours!) here are some fun fact to know and tell..."

This edition can be found at Milliner's Dream and was published on August 27, 2006.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Volume 1 Edition 9.....

"Welcome to the Pediatric Grand Rounds Review and Education Program(PGRREP).

PGRREP is designed to deliver an unparalleled educational program to all those individuals interested in the myriad aspects of pediatric health care. It is available for pediatric health care professionals as well as for parents or anyone else who wants to gain a better understanding of this important topic. The following questions are based on submissions from a number of such individuals. The answers will be provided upon completion of the test."

This edition can be found at Unintelligent Design and was published on August 13, 2006.